Albion Online & Bug Fixes: Adventures And Danger World

  • As we all know, Albion Online is a new as well as exciting sandbox MMORPG that take you to a medieval world full of adventures and dangerous. On top of that, explore and conquer a vast, rich world filled with dangers, players can joins with thousands of other players and make this adventure your own. There is no doubt that gamers are expecting tobuy cheap albion online gold.

    In Albion Online, there are some bugs, which lacks breadth as well as depth. For instance, on combat changes, it's said to that the most fundamental element of a PvP game, like Albion, Gathering gear: Having crafting gear take the same slots as your main combat gear seems like a mistake of epic proportions.

    Secondly, a pvp player to truly do well in black zones needs to pve like crazy to gain tiers and masteries. Moreover they should feel encouraged and empowered to fend off gankers. Not have some silly game where the only goal of pvp is to spot people so they can flee as fast as they can. Encourage balanced combat. Not fleeing. More and more players are prone tobuy albion online gold.

    Bug Fixes
    Various server stability fixes
    Fixed missing localization on founder houses
    Fixed visual skinning issues on dire boar mesh
    Fixed incorrect crafting times for many weapons
    Fixed visual problem in undead archer animations
    Fixed incorrect nutrition values for many food items
    Fixed weight settings on many food and farming items
    Fixed visual effect scalings on spells with groundeffects
    Fixed incorrect armor and magicresistance values on founder's ox
    Fixed dire animals dropping dire mounts instead of dire baby animals
    Fixed an incorrectly applied city tax on all real estate sales, causing some attempts to buy to fail despite having enough money
    Fixed an issue which capped out usage fee for buildings at 250%. It is now allowed to go up to 999%, with regard to more informations about Albion Online, stay tuned